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We believe that all places should be safe spaces.  It's hard to feel comfortable in public when it seems like society wants to erase you.  At CrossFit Salty North, we celebrate everyone's unique journey in discovering themselves.  We embrace diversity and strive to be inclusive.  So go ahead and paint your nails and wear whatever you want!  LGBTQ+ welcome here.


Anxiety feels so unfair.  You probably want to try CrossFit, but the thought of what could go wrong immediately makes your heart start to race.  We have many members that share this same frustration.  Would it help if you could meet a coach and check out the gym while there isn't a class going on?  Text (907)841-0025. 

You belong.

Sometimes darkness can loom over us and the feeling of happiness seems so distant.  Fighting ourselves to get into a better routine is not easy.  Together, we can navigate the trials of life and talk about hard things.  Let's lift each other up. 

Body positivity is a vibe.

Society is hard on us, after all.  Getting in shape before coming to CrossFit Salty North is unnecessary.  We are here to join you on your journey without judgement.  Wear the crop top, tank top, muscle tee or board shorts that make you feel happy.  As your body changes, so will the sizes you wear, but that doesn't mean you can't indulge in your fashion NOW.

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