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CrossFit 101

What is CrossFit? 


Technically speaking, CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movements, performed at high intensity.


But we like to think of it as getting fit with friends, building a healthy community, breaking through fitness barriers, and becoming the best versions of ourselves... inside and out.



Can I try CrossFit classes before I sign up?

Absolutely!  We give one complimentary class to anyone who is interested in joining CrossFit Salty North.

Do I have to commit to a long-term membership?

Nope.  All memberships are month-to-month.  No sign-up fees.  No long contracts.  We just ask that you cancel your month-to-month membership within seven days of the next billing cycle. 

What should I bring to class?

We ask that you bring a clean pair of athletic shoes, a water bottle, and a great attitude.  It's okay to be nervous.  It'll wear off quickly!

Is CrossFit for me?   

You do not have to be young or "in shape" before you start.  We will meet you where you're at.  We are glad to help you accomplish your goals and we can't wait to share stories with you about our personal CrossFit journeys! 

Is CrossFit competitive? 

CrossFit can be a competitive sport, if that's what you want. There are many local CrossFit competitions in Alaska for people of different skill levels. However, many people don't like to compete and they just do CrossFit to be healthy and to be a part of a great community.

What can my kids do while I workout?

There is a toy-filled playroom for kids ages 2-6 years.  We currently do not have any playroom monitors.  This is subject to change as demand increases.

Can my children stay with me while I'm in class?

Kids are more than welcome to hang out in the waiting area as long as they are displaying safe behavior and are not disruptive to the class.  They can read, color, play quiet games, etc.

Infants are welcome to be in the waiting area in a pack-n-play or baby swing. 

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